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Onlyfans is one of the booming adult content sharing sites in the world. When you find a video that you would like to download for offline viewing, sometimes it is hard to find a tool that downloads the video in the original quality. With the introduction of the Xmate Onlyfans Downloader, users can download and convert any Onlyfans videos to MP4 at a faster speed. This service is available only free of cost. So, users can access the service from anywhere globally with an internet connection. It is compatible with any browser you use.

The speciality of Xmate Onlyfans Downloader is the quality of the service. It is free of ads, malware, spyware and viruses. Unlike other tools, there are no setup fees or hidden charges. All the user data is secured through the platform, and no chance of data theft. We encourage users to download the content that they are only allowed to download to avoid violating the copyrights of the content creator. Using the downloaded Onlyfans consent for commercial use is strictly prohibited, and the Xmate team discourage users from doing it.

How to Download Videos from OnlyFans with XMate Online?

Step 1. Copy the Onlyfans Video Link Address

Go to and search for a video to download. Then open the video and copy the link from the address bar. This process is similar for all the mobile and Pc users.

Step 2. Paste the Link in XMate

Now open a new tab in the browser and go to Xmate Onlyfans Downloader. Then paste the copied link into the search area. Click on the Download Now button to start analyzing the pasted link.

Step 3. Download Onlyfans Videos to You Devices

Once it is done, click on the Download Now button to start d0ownloading the video into the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Onlyfans Video Downloader Safe?

Onlyfans video downloader is entirely safe to use. It is free from ads, viruses, spyware and malware.

2. What’s the Best Tool for Downloading Onlyfans Premium Videos?

To download premium videos from the Onlyfans, the best tool we recommend using is the Xmate Onlyfans Downloader. It downloads both free and premium videos at no cost.

3. Can I Download Onlyfans Video Online without a Subscription Account?

You can download videos from Onlyfans online without a subscription account. All the public videos are downloadable through Xmate Onlyfans Downloader.

4. How to Download Onlyfans Videos on Android and iPhone?

To download Onlyfans videos on Android and iOS devices, you can go to Xmate Onlyfans Downloader and paste the copied link in the search bar. Once you click Download, it will save to the device.

5. Where Are the Downloaded Onlyfans Videos Saved?

All the downloaded Onlyfans videos get saved to the Download folder. If the folders contain no videos, check the browser settings to find the download location.